No bookings are required for all our group pad classes. Just show up on the night 5-10 minutes before the class to warm up and get yourself ready for an incredible session!


As for Friday night sparring sessions (announced weekly) require a weekly RSVP via the following Facebook group link (click here) 


All that is required for our classes is comfortable Sports/active wear, a towel and bottle of water. If you have your own set of Boxing gloves bring them otherwise we have spare sets for hire if you require them.


Glove & Shin Pad Hire

If you are new to the Boxing/Muay Thai world and do not own a set of Boxing gloves or shin pads we have glove

and shin pad hire available for just $5. Shin pads are available for purchase for just $20 if you wish to have your own. 

Speak to the class instructor at the start of the class if you wish to hire Boxing gloves or hire/purchase shin pads. 


$15 per class - Pay as you train


Kombat Cardio Boxing lessons

Group classes start run from Monday - Friday

Beginners are warmly welcome. Any age, gender & fitness levels are encouraged to join us.

We aim to provide you the best possible Boxing, Kickboxing & Muay Thai training.

We aim to coach you through each class paying special attention to correct technique.

Each of our classes offer something different to keep your training fun and challenging.

Are you ready to take your training to a whole new level? 

Get ready to Meet our trainer or click the links below for our timetable and package deals.

Kombat Cardio glove and shin pad hire


(Group Class) Monday & Thursday 7:30 pm

Our group boxing class is the perfect place to start at Kombat Cardio. The class is a structured as a pad work out class and concentrates on the fundamental techniques of Boxing.

Clients warm up via various training drills and fitness exercises then are partnered up taking turns practicing boxing combinations. 

We focus on the correct execution of sharp punches, ducking, weaving and agile movement.

This is a mixed gender class open to all clients.
Our intermediate class is on 7.30pm Monday & Thursday. For more info on your timetable please click here.


Muay Thai

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Our Muay Thai classes are a fun and challenging class structured to teach fundamental Muay Thai and Kickboxing techniques. This class aims to improve physical fitness, endurance, technique in striking and kicking. We have both beginner level Muay Thai classes as well as advanced level. Which means no matter your skill level we have a class that will suit your ability and fitness level!

This class is great for the whole family and open to all ages, fitness levels and genders.
We have multiple classes a week for both beginners and advanced Muay Thai clients. We strongly suggest attending 2-3 classes every week to better your kicking techniques and improve on your fundamental skills and knowledge of the sport.

For more info on your timetable please click here.

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sparring Class

Announced monthly 


Our monthly sparring sessions are the only class that requires a reservation.


Here we practice all the techniques learnt in the training week and can actively put them into action. Our sparring classes are a one way ticket to fast track your progress in either Boxing, Kickboxing or Muay Thai. Regardless of experience sparring can actively boost your confidence in your abilities, skills, fitness and most importantly in self defence.  


- Mouth guard

-16 ounce gloves

-Shin pads (For Muay Thai/Kickboxing only)

*Headgear will be provided*

To reserve your spot at our monthly sparring sessions click here or message/call Taza on 0466908849.

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Package Deals

Kombat Cardio 10 Group Class Pass
Kombat Cardio Premium PT Package