Private Training Sessions  

Our private sessions 'One On One' sessions are an excellent way to perféct aspects of your training you wish to improve in.

If you wish to learn self defence or feel as if your physical fitness is lacking,

certain Boxing/Kickboxing or Muay Thai techniques particularly challenging or simply wish to lose a few kilograms, our trainer Taza Torkamanyar have you covered.


Boxing & Muaythai

tAZA Tokamanyar

If learning Boxing, Muay Thai or Kickboxing is your goal, training with Taza Torkamanyar is the best way to start. Taza first started his Muay Thai career in Australia, then moved to Singpatong Sitnumoi Gym in Thailand, where he continued competing and crafting his own style and technique, which carried him through his colourful career in overseas and in Australia. Taza’s knowledge in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, K1 and Boxing gives him the foundation to develop, support and guide anyone willing to learn, no matter the skill level. Taza specialises in Beginners, advanced & Fighter training, general well being, Cardio Development, Strength & Conditioning. He will assure you are learning the correct techniques while getting into top shape.

For only $60 per session it is amazing how much private training can positively effect your fitness and understanding of Muay Thai, Kickboxing & Boxing along with basic self defence. 

To book a session with Taza please contact him on 0466 908 849.


Taza: 0466908849
50 Regent St Oakleigh 
VIC 3166
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